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(use of) Enterprise Microblogging vs. Twitter June 24, 2010

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I just found two exciting studies about the usage of Enterprise Microbloggging. This emerging technology is growing constantly and companies are trying to adapt the success to their enterprise.
The first study by Kai Riemer and Alexander Richter examine the usage of the Enterprise Microblogging service Communote.
The study is focusing on a genre evaluation of Microblogging posts. The posts were evaluated and allocated to the different genres. The first four genres account for 94% of the posts:

  1. provide updates (43,8%) – this category is intended by the common usage of providing team members with activities and results of the working environment

  2. coordinate others (20,9%) – people write to-dos or delegate tasks

  3. share information (15,9%) – Posts with links and references to internal or external sources

  4. ask question (13,7%) – a customer needs some facts about a product or a manager want to clarify the present status of a task

  5. Discuss and clarify – people discuss with each other “In my opinion…” or clarify tasks “Which server should be shut down?”

Richter Riemer Communote usage study results

Copyright Richter/Riemer

In comparison with Twitter where most of the posts are self-related (it means reputation management of the user itself), Enterprise Microblogging services are highly valuable for a transparent and vital communication between your employees.
They subsume that the main fields of application for Enterprise Microblogging are the Project Management and the Innovation Management.

The second study by Kate Ehrlich and Sadat Shami is focusing on the BlueTwit Application of IBM. This adoption of the Enterprise Microblogging service seems very similar to Twitter. But there are two important differences, first it has a limit of 250 characters instead of 140 in Twitter and it is only available beyond the firewall. The authors combined qualitative and quantitative and methods and evaluated only employees, which were using Twitter and BlueTwit over the same time period. The genres are pretty the same like written above.

  1. Status – “Good Morning World. It’s going to be even better after a cup of coffee :-)”

  2. Provide Information – “Chart API in JavaFX bo #JAVAFX”

  3. ReTweet provide Information – “RT @QWDF: Stumbled across a brilliantly bad album of TV theme covers on #spotify.”

  4. Ask question – “Anyone know if there’s an easy way to view just unread mails in Notes?”

  5. Directed posts – ““@POIUY Top 10 Programming Fonts:”

  6. Directed with question – “RT @HIURJK -Anyone (that means you Bill) have any suggestions on how to increase the value of a Website using Social Media? << Do you have the Web link that I can check out to provide some suggestions or are you talking in general John?”

Ehrlich Shami results BlueTwit Twitter study

Copyright Ehrlich/Shami

The graphic shows that the internal usage is, beside providing informations, mainly focused on direct communication and asking questions. Status updates are nearly as important as they are in Twitter.

To subsume the results:

  • The usage of Enterprise Microblogging is highly valuable to built networks within your enterprise.

  • If you have a regional separated workforce which is complaining about a lack of information and connectivity, try Enterprise Microblogging (EMB) Services!

  • If you forgot to mention EMB in your Social Media Strategy, evaluate an integration.

It is time for a new part of your Social Media strategy!