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Social Media Strategy (Map) – First attempt June 11, 2010

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Today I have read a Blog post from the Basic Thinking Blog and the post was dedicated to the investor/public relation managers which are unable to acquire additional budgets from their managers. 60% answered that they definitely do not get any funds and nearly 13% probably get a budget. Those are scary facts for each Social Media strategist or Social Media manager.

The main fact is that only a few people actually knew what Social Media could improve within your enterprise, if you implement it well. Otherwise it is a good way to distract people and spend money without any sense. Furthermore a Social Media strategy should not be focused on external implementations and marketing use cases only. The whole picture is important. Hence I have developed a strategy map, based on my post with some goals, what you can achieve with a fully harmonized Social Software strategy and how the goals are linked together. This map is not the end of strategy development, but it is a nice starter for your thoughts and negotiations with your manager. This map is mainly based on the internal usage.
BUT, if you understand the thoughts behind and you have time to reflect this map for a while, it can be helpful. I agree that it is colorful and maybe confusing at the first sight, but isn’t it also in your company?! I only created the links between the the learning and growth perspective and the internal business processes due to a lack of information what goals you and you company want to reach. Is it a competitive price, the best quality or the fastest customer support of the competition, maybe all of these goals?

Social Software Strategy Map

If I have accidentally dropped some goals or something else is missing, please let me know. And how are you visualizing your way to a Enterprise 2.0 ready company?